Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort is a very attractive and colorful fort and has a beautiful architecture. It is spread over a sprawling and was one of the famous fort built in 1306 by the Hindu King Prolaya Vema Reddy. The entry gate of the fort is huge and is popularly known as Dargha Darwaja. It is built beautifully on a single piece of granite stone. There is anothere entry gate known as Golconda Darwaza and is on the other end. Kondapalli Fort is know for its fantastic architecture and the inscriptions and paintings on the walls of the fort depicts the battle that took place in the 13th century. Another attraction of Kondaplli fort is the rural art and craft, vibrant colour toys that are made up of light wood famous and are known as Kondapalli toys. Earlier Kondapalli fort was ruled by the hindu kings and after some time it was ruled by the rulers of Qutubshahi dynasty. The famous toys that are made in Kondapalli are Dasavatarams, Palannquin-bearers carrying the bride flowers and even medicinal plants there. It is also known as  a hub for transportation of petrolium products to various companies. It is a very beautiful fort  and is occupied with lots of ancient things like you can see ancient gold coins, sculptures and painting in the historic gallery of the fort.


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Kanakadurgamma temple is situated on the banks of river krishna, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada. Sri Kanakadurgamma is swayambu (self manifested). It is one of the largest temple in India and 2nd largest temple in Andhra Pradesh. The temple is built in the dravidian style of architecture. Temple commonly called as Vijayawada kanaka durgamma temple. In the krithayuga goddess Durga killed Mahishasura who was a disaster for world. Then goddess Durga shined on the keela mountain with eight arms in the form of MAHISHASURA MARDINI as she had given boon to keela.

On this mountain, goddess Durga had been glowing with lighting of crores of suns, with golden colour. Since that, Indra and all the deities praised her chanting “KANAKA DURGA” and they had been worshipping her daily. On the left side of Durga Devi there is “Sri Chakram” & beside that there is a Ganapati Deity. So when we worship the Goddess, all the worships will be performed only to “Sri Chakram”. Kanaka Durgamma has the eight arms handling the weapons are Chakra, Conch, Bow and Arrow, Sword, Spear, Club, Trident, Thunderbolt and Lotus.



At a distance of 12 kms from Vijayawada railway station & 287 Kms from Hyderabad, Mangalagiri in Guntur District is famous for Panakala Narasimha swamy Temple on the hill and the Laxmi Narasimha swamy temple at foot of the hill.

Panakala Narasimha Swamy Temple – The idol is said to be Swambhu. The idol is covered by metal face and only the mouth is visible & it is widely opened. The god takes jaggery water(Panakam) as offering. The water is poured in to the mouth, only half of the water is consumed and remaining is thrown out.

The temple will opened till 3 pm.

Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple “Yudhishtira, the eldest of the pandavas is said to be the founder of the chief image of the temple and the deity here is called Sri Lakshmi  Narasimha Swamy. The temple has a very tall 153 feet tower with beautiful sculpture which has 11 stairs. It was constructed by Raja Vasireddi Venkatadri Naidu, during the years 1807-09.

Brahmotsavam will be held on feb/march attract lakhs of devotees.

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