Pancharamas are five 5 ancient hindu temples situated in Andhra Pradesh.

Pancharamalu Story:

The sivalingas at these temples are made from a single Sivalinga.

As per the legend, this Sivalinga was owned by the Rakshasa King Tarakasura. No one could win over him due to the power of this Sivalinga. In the war between deities and Taraka, kumara swami and Taraka were face to face. Kumara Swamy used his Sakthi aayudha to kíll Taraka. By the power of Sakti aayudha the body of Taraka was torn into pieces. But to the astonishment of Lord Kumara Swamy all the pieces reunited to give rise to Taraka. Kumara Swamy repeatedly broke the body into pieces and it was re-unified again.

Lord Kumara Swamy was confused and was in an embarrassed state then Lord Sriman Narayana appeared before him and said “Kumara! Don’t get depressed, without breaking the Shiva lingham worn by the asura you can’t kíll him” you should first break the Shiva lingam into pieces, then only you can kíll Taraka Lord Vishnu also said that after breaking, the siva lingham also will try to unite. To prevent the Linga from uniting all the pieces should be fixed in the place where they fall by worshipping them and building temples on them.

By taking the word of Lord Vishnu, Lord Kumara Swamy used his Aagneasthra (weapon of fire) to break the Shivalingham worn by Taraka.
The Shiva lingham broke into five pieces and was trying to unite by making Omkaranada (Chanting Om). Then Suryadeva by the order of Lord
Vishnu fixed those five pieces of Shivalinga and worshipped them by building temples over them. stanazol buy By the formation of temple the pieces stopped their movement and were famous of panchrama kshetras. All the five Shivalinga in these five places have got scaly marking as them which are believed to be formed by the power of Agneyasthra used by Lord
Kumara Swamy.

According to legend, these five pieces were installed as Sivalingas at five different temples by Indra, Surya, Chandra, Vishnu and Kumara Swamy at the respective places.

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The best plan to visit these temple:

Start from

  • Amaravathi – Amareswara Swami

In Guntur District. – Starts from Vijayawada – 40 kms from Vijayawada.

Bhimavaram Someswara Swami temple in West Godavari.

someswara swamy temple - deepak cars


Amaravathi – Vijayawada- Bhimavaram

177 kms from Amaravathi temple.

  • Kshiraa Ramalingeswara Swami – Palakollu in West Godavari

22 kms from Bhimavaram.


  • Drakshrama Bhimeswara Swami Temple

  • It is a huge temple
  • It is also a SHAKTI PEETAM

Manikyamba Ammavaaru.

77 kms from Palakollu

  • Samarlakota – Kumara Bhimeswara Swami

  • 45 kms from Drakshrama.

Best Time to visit these temples : Karthika Maasam (in between OCT & NOV)




Pancharamalu Visit

Visit Pancharamalu with Deepak cars.
Journey starts every monday.
Fare – 2500/- per person. (4 seater)


Srisailam Temple

Visit Srisailam with Deepak cars. Fare starts from 7500/-.(4 seater)


Dwaraka Tirumala

Visit Dwaraka Tirumala with Deepak cars. Fare starts from 3700/-.(4 seater)

Cars Provided

4 seater (Desire / Zest) – 12/-km
6 seater (Ertiga)- 14/-km
7 seater (Innova) – 15/-km
7 seater (Crysta) – 16/-km



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